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      There are some common food grade plastics in plastic absorbing materials.

      Update Time : 2019-02-22 View : 4932

      Food-grade plastic profile products are in line with the national food safety requirements, the production materials used are strictly used to meet the requirements of food-grade materials, in the use of the process will not produce toxic substances.

      What are the commonly used food grade plastics?

      1. PET plastics are often used to make plastic boxes, beverage bottles and other products. Transparent fruit boxes and cake boxes are packaged products made of PET sheets, which belong to food-grade safety plastic materials.

      2. PP plastic is one of the common plastics. It can be made into any plastic packaging for food, such as special plastic bags for food, plastic boxes for food, straws for food, etc. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, low temperature resistant and high temperature resistant. PP is a kind of plastic heated in microwave oven. It has high strength and flexural resistance. It will not be damaged if it falls at high altitude between 50000 times and 20 degrees centigrade. Food grade PP sheets are commonly used in food packaging with quick-frozen dumplings and microwave heating.

      3. HDPE plastics, commonly known as high density polyethylene, have high temperature, hardness, mechanical strength and good chemical resistance. It belongs to non-toxic environmental protection material and is often used in the manufacture of plastic containers for food.

      4. LDPE plastics, commonly known as low density polyethylene, have the characteristics of odorless, odorless and glossy surface. Usually used in food plastic parts, food packaging composite film, food preservation film, medicine, pharmaceutical plastic packaging, etc.

      5. PC plastic can be used to make sports cup kettles, bottles, lampshades, pipes and so on. It is widely used in the production of plastic containers. It is environmentally friendly material.

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